Bio: Pafect Clothing company BN: OY55501 http://www.paffektclothings.wordpress.com http://www.facebook.com/paffektclothings http://www.twitter.com/paffet paffektclothings@yahoo.com BUSINESS. RELATIONSHIP. SERVICE We shall continually foster synergy through cordial and healthy RELATIONSHIPS, enhancing outstanding and profitable BUSINESS development, and rendering selfless qualitative SERVICE. Business, Administrative & Contact Information Business Name: Pafect Clothings Company Business Type: Sole proprietor Business Number: OY55501 Telephone: 08051440783,08132855556 E-mail: paffekt@gmail.com Postal Address: P.O.BOX 3359, Mapo, Oja’ba, Ibadan. Cook Memorial Baptist Church,Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria Banking Details: Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA) Branch: Dugbe Account number: 2033506199 Account Name: Olaitan Olakunle T. Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Branch: Dugbe Account number: 0029171399 Account Name: Olaitan Olakunle T. Strategy Objectives Maintaining cordial and healthy customer service relationships. Ensuring that customers get the best of quality products and services as at when due and in the desired condition. Profit maximization as a result of selfless determination, innovative products and quality minded attitude. To clothe the future. Goals To offer outstanding services in terms of textile branding and production, souvenirs, consultation and such other related services to individuals, organizations and corporations around the world. To increase the global footprint of the brand in Nigeria and the world at large. Building credibility with high, effective and efficient performance in terms of products and services. Vision statement Becoming a premier clothing company in West Africa by consistently providing the combination of high quality products and outstanding service that creates an extraordinary fashion experience. Mission statement To achieve the highest possible standards in all that we do based on a superior knowledge of the industry, a real understanding of the customer’s needs and a genuine enthusiasm for what we do. “PC” is also committed to providing an informal yet professional working environment that encourages and rewards creativity, insight, teamwork and enthusiasm. Economic Intent Profit making. Management & Ownership Directors Olaitan Temitope holds a Diploma in Business Administration from the Polytechnic, Ibadan and a bachelor’s degree in view at the Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti in Business Administration. He is skilled in branding, packaging and concept design and has gathered cognate knowledge about the entertainment industry relative to dance, music and the arts in general. He, at the moments heads the operations of Pafect Clothing Nigeria. Omotola Joy graduated from the University of ado Ekiti with a bachelor’s degree in Economics Education. She is skilled in crafts, beads and wireworks. She handles accessories and props for Pafect clothing Nigeria. Adegboye Yetunde is graduate of University of Ado Ekiti with a bachelor’s degree in microbiology. She has a reckoned idea in project planning, human management and customer service solutions. She is also a skilled make-up artist. She is in charge of models, exhibitions and any of such events and heads the personnel unit of Pafect Clothing, Nigeria. Portfolio Coop savings and loans Oluyole Private School The Royal Dancers Ecclesia Head Affairs Flagtour 2012 Y-north footwears World Oil Olive metropolitan college. Thank you for taking time to read our company profile. If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. Products and Services Our products and services are in line with our statements and our strategies are taylored to satisfy our customers relative to style and fashion. Our products and services includes; •Shirts Office wears Casuals costumes Pronto jackets •Polos and T-shirts PC slogan tees PC birthday series Hoodies Jerseys Luminous costumes •Accessories Branded pendants Branded handbands Branded ties Branded gift packs Branded iphone & iPad pouches Wireworks and beads Blings for belts and wallets Posted by Olaitan Temitope Paffekt

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